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PointShape is a powerful tool for processing point cloud to get all the deliverables you want. It has features as following:

You only need to draw the outlines of buildings and define the height, you will get 3D building models instantly.

It's a fantastic feature for large size of city and building modeling

Including functions to extract ground topography, the Road Edge modeling feature uses the complete fitting algorithms to accurately extract lines and B-Spline from curb stone.  

Simply select the area where you wish to extract the edge of road.  

PointShape™ fitting algorithms will do to job automatically.

Most common objects in Plant application are composed of standard shapes of cylinders, cones, plane, and spheres.  

PointShape™ offers powerful fitting algorithms that can extract more accurate plant objects from scan data.

Laser scanning is able to quickly and very accurately capture exact dimensions and deformations of sites and equipment.

With the PointShape’s powerful features you can accurately create 3D models instantly based on pointcloud.  

By providing an exact as built model dimensions can be checked for accuracy against the design plans or the model can be used to accurately design new modifications and check for clash detection. This enables a first time fit strategy for engineers and vastly reduces costs on refits.

●2D Drawing  
This feature saves tons of time when you simply need to draw floor plans on point clouds.  

You can simply draw lines roughly from a 2D top view, the complete automatic fitting algorithms will support you to extract accurate lines, arcs, circles, interpolation curves, and complex lines.

●Feature Extraction  
One of the most fascinating features of PointShape Pro is automatically extracting traffic line, edge of kerb, power line, and railroad by using an auto fitting algorithm and reflectance value from LiDAR data.

Experience this powerful time saving feature to improve your workflows