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Mapteck I-Site Studio
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Maptek is the leading global provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the mining industry. More than 1700 customers in 70 countries rely on Maptek.

Maptek solutions help reduce operating costs and improve performance, productivity and profitability.

Maptek provides expert consulting, training and support services to ensure you get the most from your investment in our products.


>> Generate high resolution images of data

>> Generate animation and AVI files

>> Survey station management

>> Record scanner settings with the data

>> Use repeated acquisition and averaging to improve data accuracy

>> Query range and intensity of a single point

>> Query distance and bearing between pairs of points

>> Query dip and strike of surfaces, edges, points

>> Report counts, range and intensity statistics for a scan

>> Report only on masked data points to report statistics by areas

>> Full report on data statistics recorded

>> Fully interactive rotation, zoom and pan of the view

>> Complete undo/redo facility

>> View data from any aspect, including from-scanner, birds-eye view, moving section

>> Fly or walk through the data

>> Adjustable lighting and illumination for surface viewing

>> Variable point size to aid visualisation

>> Export high resolution screen captures not limited to display size

>> Send feedback directly to Maptek I-Site support from within the application

>> Optimised for x64 bit Windows 7

>> Hot selectable Portuguese, American English, Spanish, UK English language settings; dual-language mode for training


>> Import of Maptek I-Site™ 3DP and 3DR scan file format

>> Import ODA CAD formats: DXF, DXB, DWG

>> Import other CAD data formats: OBJ, 3DV

>> Import and export user-customisable ASCII formats (scans, point sets, survey)

>> Import other scanner formats: PTX, PTG, IXF, ZFS, 3DD, 4DD, RSP

>> Import Vulcan formats: DGD, DGD.ISIS, 00t

>> Export ireg, 00t and jpg for texture drape in Vulcan

>> Export CAD geometry, scan data and surfaces direct to Maptek Vulcan™ data formats

>> Export CAD geometry and scan data to DXF, DXB, DWG, OBJ, ASCII and Maya formats

>> Export to VRML 97

>> Export 3D views as 2D images in PNG and JPG format

>> Export animations of static 3D scenes in MPEG-4 encoded AVI format

>> Transfer data directly between DataEngines for improved workflow

>> Full unit support (metric and imperial)

>> Export surfaces and CAD objects to 3D PDF files


>> Locate scan in correct easting, northing and elevation obtained from conventional surveying instruments

(i.e. GPS, total station) including tilt compensator from I-Site laser scanners

>> Multi-point registration to locate data to common points

>> Arbitrary translation and rotation of data to ‘tweak’ the location

>> Automatic surface feature registration using any type of data

>> Locate data that has been acquired using various scanner frames

>> Multi-degrees of freedom constrained registration

>> Calibrated registration of scans acquired using the I-Site vehicle mount

>> Locate reflectors in the scene from scan data

>> Correct compass Magnetic North

Filtering options

>> Topography filtering

>> Filter scan points by polygon, and by vertical and horizontal extents

>> Minimum separation filtering

>> Filter by surface proximity

>> Mask scan points by range, plane, polygon and intensity

>> Generate reduced resolution versions of gridded scans by masking alternate scan rows and columns

>> Randomly mask scan points to reduce distribution

>> Edge detection techniques show only points on edges in the scan, based on a distance threshold and colour attributes

>> Data smoothing to reduce the amount of noise


>> Full texture render of photo data from I-Site 8800 laser scanner onto scans and surfaces

>> Easy-to-apply colour schemes automatically analyse data

>> Grey scales and colour spectra mapped onto scan range / intensity values

>> Range and intensity colouring can be blended to add extra dimension to the visualisation

>> Colouring of filtered points allows patchwork colouring to highlight areas of interest

>> Advanced options to refine colouring, allows colour scales to be reversed, equalised and applied over percentile ranges

to focus on interesting aspects of the data

>> Colour surfaces based on distances from other surfaces, scans, edges, point sets


>> Design points, lines and polygons

>> Create text and shapes

>> Move, delete and insert points

>> Work in the visualisation environment so geometry can be drawn on the scans and views can be changed interactively during the editing process

>> Smart line function to create polylines of scan data, on both scan points and surfaces

>> Extrude features such as circles, rectangles and squares as well as arbitrary CAD lines

>> Create labelled contours from surfaces

>> Create section lines through surfaces

>> Survey point creator

>> Create gridded spot heights from surfaces

>> Crop surfaces by extruded polygon

>> Semi-automatically extract toe and crest lines on open cut mine models

>> Annotate scenes with signs, scale bars and dimension lines

>> Automatically join separate lines or close lines into loops

>> Project points and lines to a 2D plane


>> Create 3D triangulated surfaces from single and multiple scans and point sets

>> Create topographic surfaces

>> Create solid triangulation from closed polygons

>> Surface facets take on true passive colour of scan data

>> Adjust the shading and transparency of the surface

>> Interactively fit geometric, primitive shapes (planes, lines, circles) to scan data points

>> Edit and combine these objects to construct complex 3D CAD models

>> Move, rotate, scale, mirror and copy objects

>> Find boundaries, check surfaces, add facets and automatically fix holes in triangulations

>> Smart facet reduction tools

>> Fragmentation of surfaces based on intersection

>> Create combination surfaces based on lowest, highest surface or replace sections of one surface with those of another

>> Add, edit and delete individual facets, edges and points to existing objects of the appropriate type

Volume Calculations

>> Calculate volumes between two surfaces

>> Calculate volumes between two surfaces divided by bench level

>> Calculate the volume within a void

>> Calculate differential solid volume between 2 solids


Processor Intel 64 CPU, i7 series

equivalent or higher

OS Windows 7 x 64

RAM 8 GB RAM or more

Hard Disk 1 TB 7200 rpm

Graphics GeForce GTX 1GB or higher

Display 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher

Peripherals Scroll-wheel mouse