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Rigle VMX450车载系统
Rigle VMX450车载系统
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High speed Mobile Laser Scanning System for 3D data acquisition from moving platforms, two RIEGL VQ-450 laser scanners integrated

The RIEGL VMX-450 Mobile Laser Scanning System offers extremely high measurement rates providing dense, accurate, and feature-rich data even at high driving speeds.

The roof-carrier mounted measuring head integrates two RIEGL VQ-450 laser scanners as well as inertial measurement and GNSS equipment, housed under an aerodynamically-shaped protective cover. A well-designed camera platform ensures user-friendly mounting and setup of up to six digital cameras.

Fast 3D data collection, featuring high accuracy and high resolution, provides a basis for a variety of applications like mapping of roadways and rail corridors (e.g., route inventory, noise protection, clearance gauge), waterways, ports, and harbors (e.g., river banks, jetties, cliffs) as well as extended urban and vacant areas.